Construction Services: Development Management

What is Development Management?

The Terrene Ventures team provides a wide array of services applied to residential subdivision projects. From the planning phase, through design, construction and completion, we are able to make the most of every development opportunity. Our team represents the ownership group in such crucial areas as:

  • Release and use of funds throughout the project
  • Project scheduling
  • Financial analysis and development of a comprehensive project proforma
  • Controlling the scope of work
  • Optimizing the use of affiliate firms' talents and resources
  • Avoiding delays, changes, disputes and cost overruns
  • Optimizing flexibility in contracting and procurement
  • Assuring the project is built to specification

The end result is subdivisions that are not only completed on time and within budget, they also meet the design and marketing needs of the homebuilders. We understand the importance of providing finished lot product that is readily converted to marketable finished homes.

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